Karolina gutter system

Karolina gutter system

Product Description
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Technical characteristics:

Karolina is a complete rainwater drainage system. It ensures its proper and complete reception. A perfectly designed half-round gutter profile, elements connecting fittings, carefully selected accessories allow easy installation of the gutter without the use of other additional materials, eg glue. The Carolina gutter system is manufactured with a semi-circular cross-section with a classic bend in from the front and from the wall of the building. The gutter system is complemented by an external roof liner (roof soffit) to finish the roof bottom of the roof.

The system is made of PVC-U with additions of dye, stabilizers and agents resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Gutters and downpipes are extruded on Austrian production lines, while connecting fittings and other accessories are manufactured by injection molding. Modern machine park, properly designed and finished surfaces of molding components guarantee the production of a gutter system at a very high level.


Classic gutter design and a set of shapes and quality of products to service a wide range of our system. The Karolina gutter system is designed for assembly on buildings of various purpose and architecture.

  • Single- and multi-family houses, blocks of flats.

  • Offices, hospitals, laboratories, hotels.

  • Commercial pavilions, garages, gazebos

  • Industrial and economic buildings, factories, halls.


EN 607 – Roof gutters and PVC-U accessories – Definitions, requirements and tests

EN 1462 – Handles for roof gutters — Requirements and tests

EN 12200 – Plastic piping systems for rainwater for external use above ground — Unplasticized poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC-U) — Part 1: Requirements for pipes, fittings and system

Advantages of the PVC-U gutter system:

The system structure adapted to most roofs.

High quality.

The aesthetic appearance fits perfectly into any arrangement.

Durability, corrosion resistance, tightness of connections.

The gutter system is complemented by an external roof liner (roof soffit) to finish the roof bottom of the roof.

High diversity of gutter components.

A wide range of colors: brown, graphite, white, red, black, brick red.

Long-term resistance to UV rays and weather conditions.

Easy and low assembly costs.