External K2-Kan sewage corrugated pipes system

External K2-Kan sewage corrugated pipes system

K2-Kan corrugated pipes and fittings sewage pipe pp pipe


SN 8 - SN 12


150 - 1000 mm

Raw material

Technical characteristics:

The system of K2-Kan corrugated pipes and fittings are made from PP, in terms of their functional properties and the possibilities of conducting earthworks and assembly works related to laying pipes in the ground is currently the optimal sewage system allowing for the forecast that sanitary, drainage, general or industrial sewage systems are laid in the ground under roads with a high load or in other areas. They will be used for at least 100 years and the investment costs will be optimal.

The pipes and fittings of K2-Kan system in accordance with EN 13476-3 are qualified for structural (profile) pipes of type B. The novelty of their construction is that the outer wall has at the top of the low wide rib made additional roof reinforcements that take point pressure directly on the wall. outer tube causing its deformation, while preventing the internal wall from deforming. The outer wall further has a low and wide wave shape with narrow narrow grooves, where in the last groove an elastomeric gasket is provided to connect them. With such a tube construction, there is a favorable course of the increase in circumferential stiffness when the thickness of the outer wall is changed while the thickness of the inner wall remains constant. Depending on the thickness of the external wall, peripheral stiffness in the range of SN = (4÷16) kN/m2.

K2-Kan corrugated pipes sewage pipe pp pipes pipes and fittings

All structural PP pipes and fittings (corrugated or profiled) have a very expanded wall height compared to plain-walled (solid, foamed or other structural A pipes), where the relatively thin wall thickness (differentiated depending on the stiffness) does not have such a significant impact on size of internal diameter and hydraulic calculations.

K2-Kan PP pipes (DN/ID and DN/OD) are produced by coextrusion extrusion, where two independent single screw systems plasticize polypropylene granulate (with two different colors but with similar properties), which is fed to the forming head simultaneously coaxially two pipe. The inner tube has a smooth wall, and the outer tube has a wavy-formed (corrugated) wall through a suction device. Both of these pipes are connected to each other during this hot forming by pressure forming a two-layer, well-welded wall at the connection points. The smooth inner wall is light-colored, while the corrugated outer wall is orange-brown (DN/ID 150 – 600) and black (DN/ID 800 – 1000), DN OD 160 – 400  light orange. The main advantage of this type of pipe is that with low material consumption, and therefore with their light weight, pipes with high circumferential stiffness are produced.

K2-Kan polypropylene pipes are usually produced with a circumferential SN of 8 kN/m2 according to EN ISO 9969 (while according to DIN 16961, this stiffness is at least 31.5 kN/m2) and peripheral rigidity SN 10 kN/m2, SN 12 kN/m2, SN 16 kN/m2.


  • K2-Kan pipes have a high peripheral stiffness and these pipes can be used for the construction of a sewerage system at a depth of 0.8 to 8 meters in unrestricted areas under roads.

  • Thanks to the aforementioned rigidity, K2-Kan systems can be used under roads with maximum dynamic load SLW 60 for rainwater drainage or sewage drainage.


EN 13476-3 – Plastic pipe systems for underground non-pressure drainage and sewerage — Pipe systems with structural walls made of unplasticized poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC-U), polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) — Part 3: Pipe and pipe specifications fittings with a smooth inner surface and profiled external surface and system, type B

Advantages of K2-KAN pipes and fittings:

The K2-Kan PP pipe and fittings system is based on the delivery of K2-Kan pipes with lengths of 2, 3 and 6 m. (Other pipe lengths are negotiable). Each pipe, regardless of its length, has a goblet at one end and a gasket at the other end in the last groove. The offer also includes the bare-end pipes (without a chalice) for connecting to a two-sleeve connector.

K2-Kan corrugated pipes have independent dyeing of both sides in the whole mass in a very clear and homogeneous way. The color of the external walls is orange-brown (DN 160 – DN 600) and black (DN 800 – DN 1000) adapted to the commonly accepted color of sewage sewage system laid in the ground. However, the color of the internal walls is light-gray adapted to a good reflection when inspecting cables laid in the ground controlled by means of passing in the cable of CCTV cameras or video cameras.

With properly conducted earthworks, the deflection of the wires should not exceed 3÷4% of the deformation of the pipe cross-section. In design practice, it should be ensured that the wires will not exceed 5%. However, the final maximum deflection of wires created after the completion of earthworks should not be greater than 8%. This deflection has no practical effect on reducing the cross-section of the conductor
because the flow area of the deformed cross-section will be over 99%.

In addition, the K2-Kan corrugated pipes thanks to the outer wall construction show great stability in the presence of local point loads, because the external wall absorbs uneven loads through its deformations.

K2-Kan sewage pipes, although they are intended for gravity, are also characterized by good resistance to local water pressure when using high-pressure flushing equipment (120 bar). Although the K2-Kan sewage pipes are designed for non-pressure work, however, long-term pressure of water up to 2.5 bar does not damage them or reduce their durability.

The inner surface of K2-Kan PP pipes is very smooth. The absolute value of the coefficient of roughness is K=0.00011 mm. (Research was carried out at the Central Mining Institute in Katowice). Smooth internal walls are not conducive to the possibility of depositing heavier fractions contained in wastewater as a result of sedimentation. K2-Kan cables have a high self-cleaning ability.

Making a network of sewage pipes laid in the ground due to the lightness of pipes is significantly simplified. K2-Kan pipes and fittings are 2-3 times lighter than smooth wall plastic pipes with solid walls and 15-20 times lighter than stoneware or concrete pipes and fittings.

K2-Kan corrugated pipes and fittings can be easily maneuvered between the stiffening plates of excavations. Making push-in connections with elastomeric seals is also very easy even with larger diameters. In the case of deep excavations, especially in areas with shallow groundwater, where the lowering of the groundwater level is required for the time of digging, the front of works can be carried out with short sections.

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