External sewage PP system

External sewage PP system

Product Description
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SN 2 - SN 16


110 - 800 mm

Raw material

Technical characteristics:

The sewage pipe system made of PP is produced in the diameter range DN/OD 110 – 800 mm and in the stiffness classes SN 2, SN 4, SN 8, SN 12, SN 16. Pipes for outer sewage are orange-brown (RAL 8023), uniform in terms of shades and intensities with a smooth outer and inner surface. All types of sewer pipes and fittings are connected between each other and with smooth-wall pipes through sockets with a groove in which an elastomer seal is placed.

Polypropylene (PP) is a material with high resistance to chemical compounds. Pipe systems made of PP in accordance with this standard are resistant to a wide range of pH 2 (acid) to pH 12 (base), corrosion caused by water such as municipal sewage, rainwater, surface water and groundwater. Information on the chemical resistance of PP material is given in ISO/TR 10358: 1993, regarding rubber materials in ISO/TR 7620: 2005. The PP sewage system with gaskets is resistant to maximum permanent sewage temperature above +90 C. Pipes and fittings are resistant to abrasion. In special cases, abrasiveness may be tested in accordance with the method given in EN 295-3.


  • Under underground pressureless drainage and sewerage in the ground in a road lane (under road or off road) or other areas used for communication engineering.

  • In difficult conditions, eg low temperatures, high level of groundwater; exposed to harsh operating conditions, eg high temperatures and chemical aggressiveness of wastewater, very shallow or deep foundation, high dynamic loads of the nave, increased abrasiveness.

  • In gravitational sanitary, rainwater and industrial sewage.


EN 1852-1Plastic pipe systems for underground pressureless drainage and sewerage — Polypropylene (PP) — Part 1: Specification of pipes, fittings and system

EN 13476-2Plastic piping systems for underground non-pressure drainage and sewerage — Pipe systems with structural walls made of unplasticized poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC-U), polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) — Part 2: Pipe and fittings with a smooth inner and outer surface and system, type A

Advantages of PP pipes and fittings:

Full tightness

High impact strength

High resistance to point pressure

High longitudinal rigidity

Total corrosion resistance of pipe surfaces

High durability of the system (over 100 years)

hemical resistance in a wide range of pH, corrosion caused by mediums such as municipal sewage, rainwater, surface water and groundwater

High hydraulic smoothness of the pipe surface

The thermal resistance allows the installation of pipes at temperatures down to -20 ° C, and the transfer of sewage at 90 ° C in a continuous manner