DIAMIR Tanks and chambers

DIAMIR Tanks and chambers

Product Description
  • 60


SN 1 - SN 32


800 - 3000 mm



Technical characteristics:

One of the characteristic products are polyethylene tanks made of K2-Kan XXL pipes, distinguished by high quality, versatility and a wide capacity range. The offer includes tanks in the scope of internal diameters from 800 mm to 3000 mm and any capacities adapted to the individual needs of the customer. The tanks are offered in circumferential stiffnesses from SN 2 to SN 32, which makes it possible to adapt the tank structure to soil and water conditions as well as design specifications. The elements that distinguish the tanks are the wall construction based on the double-layered K2-Kan XXL pipe and the possibility of design according to individual design.


The tanks are intended for storage or retention:

  • Sanitary sewage, municipal sewage, rain sewage.

  • Drinking water.

  • Rainwater, technical and fire protection.

  • Liquid substances from the agri-food industry.

  • Liquid animal waste, RSM tanks, liquid fertilizers.

  • Aggressive industrial sewage.

  • Liquid substances used in biogas installations.

  • Other liquid substances (containing chemical compounds for which PE-HD retains good chemical resistance).

The tanks can also be used to place fittings, technological devices and other equipment (shelters) in them. The tanks can be pumping station housings, separators, etc.


EN 13476-3+A1:2009Plastic pipe systems for underground non-pressure drainage and sewerage — Pipe systems with structural walls made of unplasticized poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC-U), polypropylene (PP), and polyethylene (PE) — Part 3: Specification of pipes and fittings with a smooth inner surface and profiled external surface and system, type B

DIN 16917-2 – Rohre und Formstücke aus termoplastischen Kunstsoffen mit profilierter Wandung und glatter Rohrinnenfläche – Groß über DN 1200 für den Erdeinbau – Teil 2: Anforderungen an Rohre und Formstücke

EN 476:2012General requirements for elements used in rainwater and sanitary sewer systems.

Advantages of K2-KAN XXL Tanks:

100% tightness (welded joint).

Long-term durability

Total corrosion resistance

Increased reliability (double wall)

A wide range of chemical resistance

Full resistance to UV radiation

Low weight

Easy and quick assembly

It can also be installed in difficult ground and water conditions

Versatility of applications

Possibility of applications in the road lane and under parking lots