Heavy drainage K2-Dren

Heavy drainage K2-Dren

Product Description
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SN 8 - SN 16

110 - 1000 mm

Raw material


Technical characteristics:

The K2-Dren system pipes are pipes with a profiled wall. The pipe has a double-walled structure, in which the outer wall is undulated and the inner one is smooth. The pipe is perforated. depending on the type of drainage pipe, openings are made on the whole surface of the pipe or only parts of it. Polyethylene or polypropylene is used for the production of pipes and fittings, thanks to which they are characterized by high impact strength and a wide range of operating temperatures. The double-walled design of the tubes provides them with a high degree of lightness and flexibility, thanks to which pipe assembly is simple and fast, and changes in direction can be realized at smaller diameters by bending pipes.

The drainage pipes are produced in the SN8 type with diameters from DN 110 to DN 1000. Pipes and fittings are produced from PE HD, connected by means of couplings already installed on the pipes.

Corrugated drainage pipes are classified by:
TP (Totally perforated pipes) fully draining – slits distributed around the entire circumference of 360°,
LP (Locally perforated pipes) partially draining – slits made in the upper part of the pipe at 220° of the circumference,
MP (Multi purpose pipes) pipes with many applications, filtration and flow- gaps made in the upper part of the tube at 105° of the circumference,
UP (Unperforated pipe) without leakage gaps, formerly OP


  • The drainage system is designed for drainage of meadows and arable fields, protection of buildings against moisture and pressure of water penetrating the ground in the immediate vicinity of foundations and walls.

  • Internal and public roads and highways.

  • Airports, railroads, construction of urban railways (underground).

  • Warehouses, industrial sites, parking lots and maneuvering areas.

  • Municipal and industrial waste dumps.

  • In addition, the systems can be used to drain rainwater and percolation.


PN-C-89221Plastic pipes – corrugated drainage pipes from un-softened poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC-U)

DIN 4262-1 – Rohre und Formstücke für die unterirdische Entwässerung im Verkehrswege und Tiefbau – Teil 1: Rohre, Formstücke und deren Verbindungen aus PVC-U, PP und PE (EN: Pipes and fittings for subsoil drainage of trafficked areas and underground engineering – Part 1: Pipes, fittings and their joints made from PVC-U, PP and PE)

Advantages of the heavy drainage system

The pipes with a filter made of PP geotextile with a weight of 90 g/m2 have very good hydraulic parameters, very high resistance to clogging and are resistant to the processes of biodegradation.

High protection against contamination of pipes with PP nonwoven filter and ecological coconut filter.

Large surface of perforation of drainage pipes, perforated pipes around the entire circumference (TP).

The pipes have peripheral stiffness ≥ 4 kN/m2

Pipes and fittings are made of PE-HD, connected with connectors factory installed on the pipes, which allows for faster assembly.

High resistance of PP and PE-HD drainage pipes to chemical, biological and physical corrosion

Tubes available in several filtration variants, depending on the arrangement of the perforations from 360°, 220°, 120° to the total absence of perforation.

The high durability of the polypropylene PP filter enables the use of pipes in road engineering.

Thanks to the use of catches, installation and maintenance have never been easier.